Business Intelligence for your Pharmacy

Business Intelligence
for your Pharmacy
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What Is Rock-Pond?

Rock-Pond Solutions is a different kind of company. We build powerful business intelligence tools that track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a pharmacy, department or specific process. Through the use of reporting, dashboards, analytic cubes and data movement tools Rock-Pond simplifies complicated data sets to provide end users to get more value out of their data, consolidate multiple data points and align their organization.


You want to access the data in your system. Rock-Pond allows you to easily and quickly connect to your data.


You want to bring it all together. With Rock-Pond you can incorporate all your data into clear and meaningful visualizations.


You want to make decisions off your data. Rock-Pond gives you dynamic BI tools to interact with your data and make better decisions

Moving you from data to decision.

Rock-Pond gives your executives, leaders and everyday employees the intelligence they need to successfully manage your business.

  • Operations
  • Billing
  • Sales/Marketing
  • A/R
  • Revenue/Profitability
  • IT
  • Compliance
  • Inventory

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