MHA Business Solutions Center

PoweredByRPIn addition to developing our own products Rock-Pond develops products that are marketed by other industry leaders. The MHA Business Solutions Center was designed for Managed Health Care Associates and is powered by Rock-Pond Solutions.

Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA), a leading health care service company focused on alternate site health care providers, and Rock-Pond Solutions have partnered to deliver the next generation of enhanced business and information solutions to the infusion and specialty pharmacy industries.

The MHA Business Solutions Center

A business information platform that delivers powerful reports and tools that will help members improve the efficiency and profitability of their home infusion or specialty pharmacy business. Installed directly on the pharmacy computer system and integrated with the dispensing data, the MHA Business Solutions Center Version 2.0 ensures that member data is secure and easily accessible, and includes the game-changing applications outlined below:

  • Member Resource Center / My Resource Center – Provides a centralized platform to improve member communication; channels multiple information sources to a single, easily accessible point.  In addition to MHA specific information, real-time Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy Industry news is available, as well as user-customized access to multiple web based resources via “My Resource Center.”
  • Specialty Pharmacy Data Extraction Tool – Version 2.0 now includes an optional data extractions tool to support select MHA Specialty Pharmacy agreements.
  • Drug Recall Management System – Provides drug recall alerts specific to the NDC codes within the pharmacy inventory management system. Instantly see patients impacted and inventory on hand, allowing you to identify recalled drugs that your current recall management procedures may have missed.  This functionality assists you in supporting compliance and clinical initiatives.
  • Inventory and Profitability Reports – A series of Rock-Pond Reports to help manage products, patient and dispensing information as well as management reports that show profitability and business trends by key indicators.
  • GPO Purchasing Reports – MHA reports currently distributed to members will be conveniently housed and readily available to authorized individuals within the organization.
  • User-Defined Access & Permissions – User-defined access and permissions allows you to control who has access to what information, based on each user’s organizational role and need-to-know.

Rock-Pond Report Documentation

The following documents contain information about each of the Rock-Pond Reports available in the MHA Business Solutions Center, depending on the pharmacy dispensing system you are using.  Through MHA’s partnership with Rock-Pond Solutions, some of the most powerful Rock-Pond Reports are included in the MHA Business Solutions Center at no charge.  Information on additional Rock-Pond Reports and other Rock-Pond Solutions services are available from the menu above.