Other Services

Rock-Pond Solutions offers a broad range of services to address the business problems and challenges faced by home infusion providers. We leverage our industry experience and deep understanding of technology and the data that drives a home infusion business to help providers see their situations and opportunities more clearly and achieve the results they expect.

Our on-site or off-site consulting services by industry experts will evaluate your operation as a whole and suggest ways to improve your day-to-day operations. We will analyze your data and provide solutions that will result in more profitability for your company. We will use our technical expertise to integrate your infusion software with other systems in your office. Whether your problem is big or small, we can handle the challenge. The types of consulting services we provide are listed below. Contact us for more information and a quote for the services you need.

Rock-Pond Reports Implementation and Support Services

Rock-Pond Solutions has worked with home infusion providers since 2000, helping them get the information they need from the data they’ve got. Our Rock-Pond Reports product contains hundreds of reports that have been developed to solve specific issues and provide information that is not available from CPR+, HomecareNet or Ascend. We provide these reports so home infusion providers can run against their data starting at only $225/month.

Although not required, our most successful Rock-Pond Reports customers rely on Rock-Pond for not only their reports but also the expertise in how to best implement them within their organization to address the challenges and opportunities they face.

In addition to custom reporting and implementation services, Rock-Pond offers predefined “Solutions” that address common problem areas within an infusion company.

Custom Report Development

Rock-Pond can address user-specific reporting needs through our custom report development. Regardless of the information you need, we can get it for you if the data is in your system. Our goal is to get you what you need, when you need it and in a format you can use. We pride ourselves on helping customers eliminate manual steps, re-keying information into spreadsheets for analysis and helping them be proactive rather than reactive. Whatever reports you wish you had, let us know and we’ll provide you with a proposal to get them done so you can run them whenever you need them.

System Integration Projects

With our deep understanding of the data structures of your home infusion software, many home infusion providers have called on Rock-Pond to integrate this data with other systems they use. These include General Ledger and other financial applications, UPS / Fedex shipping applications, sales tracking systems and many others. If you find yourself re-keying your data from one system to the other or would like to be able to generate reports that pull data from multiple systems so you do not have to manually combine and analyze the data in Excel spreadsheets, Rock-Pond Solutions’ Integration Services might be your answer.