Drug Recall Tool Pays off early

According to Ehow Health Topics, “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) board is responsible for screening and approving foods and drugs sold at outlets across the United States. They must also inform pharmacies in the event of a product recall.”

Pharmacies have 3 responsibilities:

  1. Identify and remove the recalled drug from their stock.
  2. If the recall is a class 1 recall, notify potentially impacted patients and take the appropriate clinical action.
  3. Properly document their recall response.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Well it’s not.  Sure, you can sign up to receive recalls from the FDA, you might receive them via email from your GPO and you can also get them directly from manufacturers or wholesalers.  The problem is, there are thousands of recall notices and only a small percentage apply to you. 

How do you filter through the emails and faxes to find the ones that matter? 
How do you quickly find the impacted patients? 
How do you find time to do this in the first place?
How do you keep from missing a critical recall and being responsible for an adverse event?

These are the questions that prompted Rock-Pond to find an alternative.  In partnership with Managed Health Care Associates (MHA). Rock-Pond developed the MHA Business Solutions Center.  Among other things, this product filters through the drug recalls to automatically identify drugs that are in the inventory file of the provider/member and notifies them.  In addition, the patients impacted are also available at the click of the mouse.  Finally, a permanent record is maintained of all recall actions taken and documented.

On the second installation of the product, a large home infusion provider was surprised to find they had recalled drug on their shelves.  They had manual processes in place, they were monitoring the emails and faxes, but this one slipped by.

Learn more about this exciting solution from Rock-Pond and MHA.