Celebrating with Cotton

Cotton Rohrscheib is a critical part of the Rock-Pond Solutions team.  He is the “man behind the curtain” that has brought our web presence to life and who has inspired many of the corporate branding changes that have come to life here over the past 2 years since he joined the Pond.  Beyond this, he and his wife Donna are personal friends that are the kind of people that everyone needs in their life.  You can count on them for a smile, helping hand or an encouraging word when you need it most.  Whether Cotton is working out some WordPress bug in the middle of the night, helping someone who is homeless get a coat to stay warm or brightening up the office when he walks in with a smile, it’s always good.

He and Donna were made to be parents.  To be a kid in their home would be a dream come true.  And today, that dream is coming true.  After what seems like an eternity for them, they are on their way to bring their adopted baby home.  Their story is incredible and you can read all about it (as well as get the full flavor of Cotton’s perspective and craziness) on Cotton’s blog.  Or you can just celebrate with Lynn and I and the entire Rock-Pond team as someone who is so dear to us is closing a chapter with much uncertainty and pain and starting a new journey in their life.  May the hope and belief that got you here, also get you there, wherever that might be.

Cotton and Donna – we are celebrating with you today.


  1. Definitely celebrating with Cotton and Donna today! Such fantastic news.

  2. Thanks so much guys!! Pete & Lynn, you guys will never know how much Donna and I treasure your friendship. I can’t wait until baby Spencer gets to hangout w/ his Uncle Pete & Aunt Lynn. Professionally speaking, I love the chemistry we have when you, Matt, and I get to brainstorm. Amazing things are happening right now, and bigger stuff down the road. Can’t wait.

  3. Pete Tanguay says:

    Where is the Like button on this blog post? Thanks Cotton.

  4. Erin Taylor says:

    Baby Spencer is a dream come true and one lucky little fellow to enter into a home of such love. Congrats you guys. So very happy for you all. Can’t wait to meet him and hold his little hand! What blessings will come your way.

  5. Lesley Oslica says:

    Congratulations Cotton and Donna! Baby Spencer will bring many blessings to your life – just as you will give many blessings to his life. We can not wait to see more pictures. And, I didn’t get to vote on FB, but I vote for the Razorback outfit. Obviously – he’s going to be beyond awesome in anything he has on. And, chances are – by the end of the day – he will have gone through all three outfits you had picked out anyway, LOL. Hope you have the most blessed weekend of your life this weekend.

  6. Thanks guys!!!!